Giovedì 20 aprile, ore 12:30
presso l'Aula Magna - Viale Regina Elena 295

Prof. Michael L. Goldberg
Dep. of Molecular Biology & Genetics
Cornell University Ithaca, NY

Phosphatase regulation by unfair competition

Major changes of cellular state, including entry/exit from the cell cycle and contraction/relaxation of muscles must often occur in rapid time scales of seconds to a few minutes. Reversible phosphorylations of target proteins lie at the heart of these processes. When these target proteins become phosphorylated, not only must the upstream kinases be activated, but also the countering phosphatase should be inactivated.
This situation must be reversed when the target proteins need to be dephosphorylated. This seminar will describe a mechanism called unfair competition that allows the upstream kinases to efficiently control the countering phosphatases, and then allows these phosphatases to reactivate themselves when the upstream kinases are downregulated. Unfair competition is central to the rapidity of cell cycle changes and smooth muscle contraction.

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Prof. Michael L. Goldberg
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Aula magna
Viale Regina Elena 295
Roma, RM
Roma IT
Gianni Cenci
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Interazioni molecolari