Giovedì 21 settembre alle ore 14:00 presso l’Aula G50 in Viale Regina Elena 295 

la Prof. Barbara Seliger (Institute for Medical Immunology – Martin Luther University – Halle)  presenta il seminario dal titolo Many ways leading to immune escape of tumors.

Summary: Tumors are known to evade immune recognition by distinct strategies, including changes in the frequency and activity of immune effector and suppressor cells‎, alterations in the tumor microenvironment and tumor cells, as well as downregulation of HLA class I antigens, upregulation of HLA-G and -E and co-inhibitory molecules. The underlying molecular mechanisms of these deficiencies are diverse, involving structural abnormalities, transcriptional, epigenetic and post-transcriptional regulation. In addition, evasion mechanisms play an important role in mounting resistance to T cell-based immunotherapies.

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Prof. Barbara Seliger
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Aula G50 - terzo piano edificio G
Viale Regina Elena 295
Roma, RM
Roma IT
John Hiscott
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Immunologia cellulare e molecolare